Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Dear friend and her family....

I have known Jeannette for over 30 years. She was working at the same place where I met my husband. We lost touch over the years and through Facebook, we were able to reconnect a few years ago. 
She asked me to take a few pictures of her family. She saw some of my samples and thought that it was time to update her family pictures too. Her son just finished his tour in the service and now that he was home for a little bit, she want to get some pictures done. 
 We were able to meet and head to out on a beautiful summer day. It was wonderful to be able to have so much time and use 3 different places to take pictures. Each place lent for a whole new set of fun. Everyone was so terrific to work with and I enjoyed spending so much time with them.

 As for most men, I am sure this wasn't the number one favorite thing to do on a summer morning. But we had a fun time and they were wonderful to work with. They were open to just about anything.
All they wanted was to make (mom/wife) Jeannette happy.
And as for most of my photo sittings, you as the client, will always get a CD of all the high resolution  images, (adjusted and some with some fun filters). They are yours to do as you wish.  

So no matter how old your "babies" are..... Family pictures are an important piece of personal history to keep and treasure.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

the sweetness of little souls

I have been taking pictures for a long time. So long now that I am now taking 2nd and 3rd generations of family pictures. I was so happy when an old friend, Sarah, asked me to take pictures of her kids when they came to town. You see, I think Sarah was about 12 years old when I took her first picture (along with her mom and dad and brother) and I shot her wedding a few years back and now, I am taking her kids pictures.

As a mother of 2 small kids- a 3 year old and a 6 month old- she was just hoping for one good picture of the two of them together. Frankly, so was I. Taking pictures of babies and toddlers together on the same photo can be a challenge. But I had a feeling that we were going to get some great shots.... it was a beautiful day so we headed out to the parks to have some fun.

I think these samples of the kids show the sweetness of their little souls. Big sister, Raegan, trying to play with her little brother, Blake- and Blake enjoying his sister's help.

Even though the photo shoot took  a little longer than most- I can take their pictures all day.....The kids did great. And I hope Sarah and her families enjoy the pictures of their precious children for years to come.