Thursday, January 30, 2014

One BIG happy family

I am blessed to have reconnected with some "gold" (no old) pals from my childhood days. My dear friend, Karen (who I have known since we were both in 3rd grade together) and her husband, Rick, have become such a treasured friendship to my family. I was thrilled when she asked me to photograph her entire blended family. I have met a couple of people in the past but I got the chance to meet the whole group- grand kids and all. What a lovely afternoon it was too. We met at a beautiful spot near her home. The lighting was wonderful. The family was so terrific to work with.

I always get a little nervous working with small children who don't like to be photographed. Sometime they are just too shy to take direction from a stranger. But all the little kids were so much fun to work with.... Such terrific personalities. The older kids really got into the spirit too and did just about anything I asked of them. I love their playfulness with each other.

And the extra special part of the day was that my hubby came along and helped me out by taking some pictures too. I love working with him and I think he had a good time too.

It was a lot of work to gather all the family members in one spot for an afternoon. Lots of schedules to juggle around, but it will be a wonderful memory for my friends, Karen and Rick. Family photos that will last a lifetime.