Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Colorado wedding- Lauren and Tom Parker

Back a few months ago, when I was still retired, I was asked by my dear friend if I could photograph her daughter's upcoming wedding in Colorado. Since my husband and I were already planning on attending the wedding (we live in So Cal) and I was going to  bring my camera along, anyways, to take some extra photos at the event, I said OK. Then, at that moment, I thought, "Holy Cow, I just agreed to shoot my best friend's daughter's wedding in another state and I'm not equipped for any of this". You could say that's when panic set in. I hadn't shot a wedding in years and all my equipment that I owned those days were only for vacations and pictures of my family- I had nothing that I could use at a professional level. My wonderful husband, Kenny, encouraged me to go forward and photograph the wedding AND he also bought me all new and up to date equipment that I was going to need. Hence, after a 5 year retirement, I was back in business.

But, I still had a bit of uneasiness in me. I wanted to give the couple great photos but I hadn't been in the business for a long time- thing have changed. Was I going to be good enough? Did I still have it in me to do something as important as my best friend's daughter's wedding? Flying to Denver- was I going to be able to carry all my equipment on the plane with me and not check any of it in? And I usually have an assistant working with me at all my weddings- who was going to help me out that day? The more I thought, the more I got nervous. (I tend to over think things sometimes.)

Well, I manage to carry all my equipment on the plane with me without any problems. I did a little research and I looked up what other wedding photographers were doing these days. But the best thing of all, my husband agreed to be my assistant for the day. Now, I need to tell you, Kenny is not a photographer!!! He is a CPA (accountant) by trade. He doesn't like to have his picture taken nor is he that thrilled when I ask him to take a picture or two of me. I only really thought that if he can keep me on schedule and carry my equipment and maybe take about a dozen or so pictures, I would be happy for his help. Well, I was so surprised with all that he did! He not only kept me on a tight schedule- he carried all my equipment and kept the batteries fully charged. But most of all, he was an amazing photographer!!! Who know this mild mannered account by day had a hidden photography talent inside him. I was able to use a few hundred of his shots for the final product.

And I have to say, it only took a few minutes of taking pictures to feel as if I was "back in the saddle" again. It was like riding a bike. It felt natural taking pictures again.

Well, the wedding was beautiful. A snowy day in Estes Park, CO at that wonderful Stanley Hotel. Lots of terrific backgrounds to use. Crazy cast of characters... ie. wedding party. And a stunning bride and groom... It was all good.

Over 1000 images were sent to the bride and groom (and both sets of parents too). I hope everyone had a great time at the wedding and that Kenny and I were able to capture the joy and happiness of the event. But most of all, I hope Tom and Lauren will look at the pictures for many years come and they will them remind them of their wonderful wedding day filled with happy memories.




Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Babies grow up too fast....

I have the wonderful opportunity to watch my little grand daughter, Sophia, one day a week. And because "Nana" is a photographer, she gets to have her picture taken a lot. Babies grow up way to fast.... they change so much from month to month- sometimes from week to week. I believe that capturing these precious days is so important to the parents as well as for the child. I love taken pictures of little ones doing whatever they do- playing, exploring, even crying. I also love playing with some different filters to add a sense of wonderment to the images. Here are a few pictures that I recently took of my sweet little Sophia- just being herself.

Don't let these precious moments go un-captured. 
Call me soon for a sitting with your family- no matter how young or how old they may be.


Wednesday, May 1, 2013


Just a few weeks ago, I had the pleasure to take pictures of a very lovely young lady, Sara. She is very interested in acting and modeling. She was a delight to work with. She took great direction and by the end of the photos shoot, her beautiful personality was shining through. I hope that this photos shoot is the beginning of many for Sara and wish her the very best of luck with her future dreams.

If you are interested in a photo shoot for your family, feel free to contact me anytime.