Thursday, September 10, 2015

All grown up- Meghan

I have known Meghan, (the daughter of one of my best friends) since well.... I think, since she's been born. I had the pleasure to photograph her as a very young child and at various time throughout her life. And in the past few years, she has been more like another daughter to me.

Meghan graduated in June of 2014, and as a gift to her, I offered to do a full photo shoot with her (3 different locations and changes of clothing). But her very busy schedule didn't allow for a photo shoot until later in the year. As the saying goes, "Good things come to those who wait" and it really worked in our favor.

I have said before, I prefer to work with natural lighting. I feel you get a more relax and true portrait result. Don't get me wrong, I love studio work and sometimes, I could use a whole bunch of lights but natural is best for my work. I am not a big fan of very bright sunlight. I love to shoot photos on overcast or cloudy days. It lends me so much more options to work with. This day was overcasty...... practically perfect!

To take a good picture, you must have good lighting and composition. That's the photographers job to find and do both. The hard part is to get your subjects to do what you want them to do and look as natural and comfortable as possible. I have taken pictures of many beautiful people in my many years as a photographer and I can tell you, the hardest part of my job is to get my models/subjects to pose. 

Meghan majored in set design and has done a little acting for her degree. She is out going and not afraid to try something different. Although she will deny it, she was very comfortable in front of the camera- giving me a ton of opportunity to capture some very lovely images of her. She was a perfect model for me. This whole shoot was about 3-4 hours.... I know, a bit long but we couldn't help it. We had a great time.

I want to thank Meghan for allowing me to take some amazing pictures of her and for making my job and portfolio look so good. Here are just a few of the over 300 images that we took that day.

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Take me out to the ball game...

I am one very blessed "Nana". I have 4 wonderful grand children with one on the way! Our newest grand son will arrive just around Thanksgiving this year and we can't be more excited.

Each one of my grand children are special and unique and so much fun. Ranging from ages 18 months, 3 years, 8 1/2 years and yep- nearly 16 years old  (in 2015). And each of them have their own talents and likes that makes my world as Nana so much fun. 

Our oldest grand son, Damien, is a very talented baseball player- a pitcher to be exact. This 6'3" fast ball high school pitcher has been playing baseball for most of his life. And he loves it!


I am so lucky to be able to snap a few photos of Damien pitching during his freshman year in high school. These photos were taken while attending his games at the high school. I was limited to where I could stand and take pictures but I think I still managed to get a few good shots.....

It's been a while......

It's been a while.... a long while.....
It's been a long time - over a year- since I have posted any new photos or information on this blog. My personal life has been very full in the past year, and I finally found a little time to catch up on my photography life.

These low key images, pictures, below were taken just after my youngest grand daughter, Payton, was born. And of course, with a "Nana" as a photographer, you know that this precious baby and her loving parents (my daughter, Katie and her husband, Jason), were going to have some beautiful photos taken of them. 
I don't like carrying around a lot of equipment when I take pictures. I prefer to take my camera, my multi-length lens and maybe a reflector with me but that's about it. I try to use what lighting is available to me at the time. For the photos below, no extra lighting equipment was use. 

These few extra photos were taken just days before Payton was baptised in the Catholic church. The gown she is wearing is my baptismal gown that I wore 55 ago. It is the same gown that my son (now 33) and my daughter (now 30) also wore for their baptisms. It is an honor to have my grand daughter wear it for her special day too.


We all know that babies grow up so very fast. We must try to grab on to these special moments and new beginnings and cherish them daily. I think I was able to capture some sweet and loving images of this new little family.