Tuesday, September 8, 2015

It's been a while......

It's been a while.... a long while.....
It's been a long time - over a year- since I have posted any new photos or information on this blog. My personal life has been very full in the past year, and I finally found a little time to catch up on my photography life.

These low key images, pictures, below were taken just after my youngest grand daughter, Payton, was born. And of course, with a "Nana" as a photographer, you know that this precious baby and her loving parents (my daughter, Katie and her husband, Jason), were going to have some beautiful photos taken of them. 
I don't like carrying around a lot of equipment when I take pictures. I prefer to take my camera, my multi-length lens and maybe a reflector with me but that's about it. I try to use what lighting is available to me at the time. For the photos below, no extra lighting equipment was use. 

These few extra photos were taken just days before Payton was baptised in the Catholic church. The gown she is wearing is my baptismal gown that I wore 55 ago. It is the same gown that my son (now 33) and my daughter (now 30) also wore for their baptisms. It is an honor to have my grand daughter wear it for her special day too.


We all know that babies grow up so very fast. We must try to grab on to these special moments and new beginnings and cherish them daily. I think I was able to capture some sweet and loving images of this new little family.

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