Thursday, April 11, 2013

Big party for little ones turning 1 years old.

They say that parents make such a fuss over their child's 1st birthday party and the birthday kid doesn't even know what is going on and won't remember it anyways. But if you have a photographer who is there taking pictures of every little detail, when that child grows up, he/she will see all the work and love and planning that went into making their 1st birthday such a wonderful celebration.

I was so happy to be able to take pictures of our dear friends, Zack and Allie Thayer's, very first birthday party. The "Thing One and Thing Two" party theme was so adorable. Mom and dad (Betsy and Brad) made sure every details was done to perfection. They wanted everyone to have a good time. But most of all, they wanted to give their twins a day filled with love. And with these (and many, many more) pictures, Zack and Allie will be able to see it all in "Captured Memories"....

If the celebration is important, shouldn't the pictures of the event be too? Let me help you keep those important times of yours and your family's memories alive in pictures. 
Thing 1 and Thing 2.........Zack and Allie

Zack and his new friend.

Turning 1 is Fun!

Big sister, Riley, leads in the singing of the"Happy Birthday" song.
Not sure if this is food or a big, messy toy.

Messy yet tasty fingers.

Zack- reading his birthday card.

Family time.

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