Tuesday, October 1, 2013

My handsome grand son- Damien

Once kids get to be in their teens, and they are involved in so many different activities, it seems as if it gets harder and harder to find some time to have their pictures taken... even if the photographer is their grand mother.

This is Damien..... I love my grand son. I know, most grand mothers will say the same thing about their grand sons... and  Damien is one terrific guy. He is smart and handsome and tall and a good athlete. He's funny and charming and helpful and an easy going kid to be around. But most of all, he is such a respectful and kindhearted young man. We are so happy to have him in our family.


Between the sports and friends, I was so happy to have one sunny summer morning where I was able to take a few pictures of this handsome guy. He has grown up in such a short time right before my eyes. They say babies change so much in just a few months. Well, I think there is also a big change in boys from the end of grade school and the beginning of high school. 

We all tend to stop taking those extra special pictures of our kids once they get into the teen years. Yet that's when they really change and develop into the young adults in our lives. Don't wait too long between then and now to update those important years in a boys life.  

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